Colocation: Start Before the Beginning

In this episode I talk about the importance of applying change management principles when adding a new project to a program or portfolio.

PMs follow integrated change control or know by instinct to evaluate the change to scope, schedule, and budget whenever a request is made to change a project that is in-flight.  But, do they apply the same thought process when a request is made to add a project to their existing portfolio?

After all, isn't a new project really a change in the scope or requirements of the project portfolio?  Doesn't it carry the same potential impacts to the schedule, budget, or resource availability across the entire portfolio?

In this episode we'll explore ways to determine how to say yes to a new project.  And, most importantly, how to say no.  We'll also discuss tools to solve frequent conflicts around resources and priorities.

Music for this episode taken from "Heritage Place" by Josh Woodward.  Free download at