PM Minute: Close With the Next Time in Mind

PM Minute: Close With the Next Time in Mind

The same is true of closing a project.  The excitement of getting it done has probably worn off and maybe the subject matter – and even some of the people – are wearing you out.  You’re anxious to move on to the next thing.

But, don’t give in to the temptation to put things away half done or disorganized.Clearly label and file the documents, electronically and paper if applicable.Make sure they will be easy to get to and use if they are needed again.

Colocation: Playing the DiSC Gulf

Colocation:  Playing the DiSC Gulf

While we do everything to attempt to control as many external project factors as possible, do we ever turn the lens inward? What does turning the lens inward mean for a PM? And, I'm not talking about selfies. I mean doing a PM analysis. How do your personality and strengths potentially impact the project? Negative risks? Positive? Can they be accepted or mitigated? Or maybe even avoided altogether.

Colocation: Meet is Murder

Colocation:  Meet is Murder

I work from home a day or two each week.  My kids know I'm a project manager, but if you ask them what I do all day, they will probably say "spreadsheets and meetings."  They have a sense of how long I spend each day in meetings because they get asked to avoid the basement where my office is and keep the noise to a minimum each time I dial in.  To them, it must seem like I'm on conference calls all day.

Colocation: The Tale of the Accidental PM

Colocation:  The Tale of the Accidental PM

I’ve been around project management for more than a decade and have yet to meet anyone whose career is a straight line into the profession. Most are accidental PMs who began as functional managers doing project work on the side.

In this week’s episode of Colocation, I share my story of taking on roles that I wasn’t sure I was ready for until one day I woke up to find that I was a full-time project manager.

The accidental PM is to be valued and encouraged as a key member of every team or organization, and in this episode I’ll show you why.

Plus, I’ll apologize to all of the PMs who had to chase me to get my work done or for status updates before I knew any better. I’m thinking of you, Pat and Kim!

Colocation: That's Great. How Do I Do It Here?

Colocation: That's Great.  How Do I Do It Here?

I had a conversation with a friend this week who was brought into an organization to improve their execution and implement a methodology in a specific field that they are not good at today.  Not project management, but very similar.

We talked at length at her frustration with the pace of the change and how to best bring it about.  It led to a few observations that form the basis of this episode.