PM Minute: The Planning Vortex

The polar vortex gripping much of the US, including NE Ohio where I am, presents a great opportunity to talk about risk planning.

Reviewing potential risks and creating response plans is a key part of planning for any project. The four main response strategies are: transfer, mitigate, avoid, and accept.

How does that relate to the extreme cold we’re experiencing? Many of us before going out, stocked our cars up with an extra blanket or other supplies. That’s a mitigation strategy, an attempt to reduce the amount of residual risk vs accepting it and doing nothing. Maybe you decided to leave a faucet running to reduce the risk of your pipes freezing. Again, that’s a mitigation strategy.

Or, you are staying inside and completely avoiding the risk of the outdoors altogether.

Whether consciously or not, we’ve all assessed and responded to the many risks that this weather presents.