PM Minute: Scope on Fyre

As a Project Manager, I’ve been watching the dueling documentaries on the failed Fyre Music Festival with morbid curiosity. I started by watching half or so of the Hulu version, but switched to the Netflix, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

There have been many moments that have literally made my palms sweat as a PM: the last-minute housing, sanitation, production, etc. Not to mention hearing, and knowing, that a project that size would normally be at least a year of planning and the team was given six weeks.

But, of many lessons, the first I heard was what sounded line an egregious case of scope creep. Barely minutes into the documentary, we’re told that the original intent was a private party and the opportunity to show off the Fyre talent booking product to a few early adopters and promoters. From there, Billy McFarland was allowed to take things out of control and the rest is history.