PM Minute: Close With the Next Time in Mind

Because of the way the holiday and work schedules lined up this season we took down our indoor Christmas decorations this past weekend.  Undecorating after the holidays is one of my least favorite things to do.  The boxes seem lighter and the room off of the basement less dark and cobwebby when the season is new and the lights are going up.

But, don’t cut corners on closing out the season.  Label your boxes and neatly roll and tie the lights for the benefit of next year.

The same is true of closing a project.  The excitement of getting it done has probably worn off and maybe the subject matter – and even some of the people – are wearing you out.  You’re anxious to move on to the next thing.

But, don’t give in to the temptation to put things away half done or disorganized.  Clearly label and file the documents, electronically and paper if applicable.  Make sure they will be easy to get to and use if they are needed again. 

And take one final moment to reflect on the season before you haul everything downstairs to storage.