PM Minute: Track Your Hours Now for the PMP

Today’s PM Minute is geared toward the non-PMP project manager or the accidental PM who may one day decide to become certified. And, it’s a tip that I wish someone had passed on to me early in my time as an accidental project manager.

Track your projects and hours. From the beginning or as far back as possible. Track your total hours plus break the hours down into time spent in each of the five of the PMBOK process areas: initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. You also should maintain a brief description of the project and contact information for your direct supervisor or someone who can verify your experience.

The application for PMP certification requires a four-year degree and 4,500 hours of project experience across all of the process areas or 7,500 hours with no degree requirement.Even if you worked 100% on project work with two weeks of vacation each year, you are still going to account for more than two years of your time.So, start keeping track now.