WILY: Thanksgiving in August

WILY:  Thanksgiving in August

My son and sister in law have birthdays close enough that we've celebrated them together at the beginning of August the last few years.  Being relatively close to Independence Day and in the heat (pun intended) of summer cookout season, no one really wanted another grilled burger and hot dog party.

So, last year, my mother in law suggested something that seemed crazy at the time:  a full Thanksgiving dinner.  

WILY: What've We Got Here?

WILY: What've We Got Here?

NYPD Blue, one of my favorite TV shows, just returned to streaming.  As I was watching an episode last night, I realized that the scene in every episode where the uniformed officer runs all of the known details for the detective is a great narrative device to move the story forward and get the viewer invested in the episode. I don't think it was invented by the writers at NYPD Blue and it's in almost every police procedural.  It usually starts something like this:

WILY: Tenacity and the Value of a Foul Ball

WILY:  Tenacity and the Value of a Foul Ball

I watched the kids scatter - running down rows and up aisles - trying to judge where the ball would land.  As the youngsters began to settle on their marks, I noticed a young man out of the corner of my eye.  He wasn't going around the seats like the others, he was plowing straight ahead and over the empty rows.  After negotiating one row, he slipped on the second and face-planted into a soaking wet seat back.  Even that didn't deter him. He jumped up and continued in a straight line.